Thursday, September 22, 2016

NVP10. Howard Stelzer: Normal Bias 6 x CS now available

I’ve known Howie and his work for a little more than 15 years, and I'm excited to announce this monumental (and monolithic) dose of his audio.
Over the years (unsurprisingly), Howie's work has evolved, developing from (and this is my assessment only) fast sharp bursts to more deep-listening-esque drone elements (while still based in exploring, and exploiting, the tape medium) with shifting density, tension and implied/oblique narrative playing greater roles in the overall composition.
And although Normal Bias was composed specifically for this multi-cassette format, it should be viewed not as a collection of disparate tracks but as a single long form album, the pace and changes of which are determined by tape length.
Howie mentioned to me, and I agree, that this recording delves more “spatially” because of the flexibility of the duration.
In the end, this is a wonderful two+ hour audio journey that will stretch and immerse those intrigued to take the plunge.

Normal Bias is a limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered by Howie. Each cassette is hand stamped, and the entire release is housed in a clamshell case with transparency art. 

The cost is $30 ppd in the United States; for rest of world orders, please contact so I can calculate postage.




  1. I need one!, please.

  2. Can I get one calculated to the UK please. Ben Gwilliam: cheers

  3. Would like to purchase Normal Bias if it is still available. Thank you TabsOut.

    Joe Taylor