Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vertonen: Send The Call Out Send 2 CDR set now available.

I am pleased to announce the third release on ballast, Vertonen: Send the Call Out Send.

This release is the second in a series of longer form drone works I have been undertaking, although I would contend the second disc delves into more musique concrete directions.

The release also comes with a collection of texts, manipulated from the Biblical Book of Lamentations, tied together with a thread. These cards also feature hand-written texts that are my effort at translating/transcribing other, related, texts into an ancient alphabet.

The release is in an edition of 33 copies and comes in a silkscreened envelope with silkscreened CD sleeves. The release is $16 ppd in the United States, with variable shipping costs incurred by those outside of the United States. Please contact me at vertonen (at) earthlink (dot) net for information.

Thank you,