Wednesday, June 8, 2016

NVP07. Vertonen: Rose Gardens CDR (with textual supplements)

I'm excited to announce the second in a trilogy of releases (which began with NVP03, Send the Call Out Send) is now available for purchase. This release, like NVP03, is drone-based, wavering between Roland Kayn and Hafler Trio sensibilities (in more ways than one).
While NVP03 included encrypted text utilizing a circa 300 BCE writing system, this release includes text utilizing three different (yet related) writing systems: one circa 1700 BCE, one circa 900 BCE, and one circa 800 BCE.

The release is in an edition of 33 signed and numbered copies in a sikscreened envleope (and CDR sleeve) and comes with six 5" x 5" inserts threaded together. The cost is $10 ppd in the United States; for rest of world orders, please contact so I can calculate postage.

The third and final release in the trilogy, An Intended Accident, will be released by the end of June.

Thank you,