Sunday, November 27, 2016

NVP12. Dead Edits Present: Erased

With each Dead Edits release, Eric Lunde and I happily delve deeper into concepetual territories as we plumb the recesses of what language does and doesn’t. This two book, two CDR, and ephemera set take us to another step along the adventure.
The concept of erasing, copying over, duplicating, and permutating has been an integral (one might say driving) force in Lunde’s own work since the 80s; I have been repurposing equipment and reworking audio sources for quite a while, but I too have been fascinated by the limits of language from when I was exposed to Z’EV’s uns material in the early 90s. For this release, both Eric and I wrote texts in pencil and then sent them to one another, where we proceeded to erase and / or add to the text whatever we deemed necessary. The audiobooks (the two CDRs) represent various readings of the contents of each of the collections of writing, with elements of the recording of voice process (tape player sounds, reading errors, and accents of erasure) substituting (and enhancing) the erased and modified hand writing.
From the supplemental text:
He who writes treads, leaves marks, leaves corrections, leaves errors. He who writes trades, accepting shortcomings in the script for the benefit of documentation. Purported benefit. The revs outwait the costs, and long after the author’s dead does the deciphering and reinterpreting take life.

Or does it even rely on the author’s death?

 Confusion arises from the first mark on the page, in the sand, in the clay. The perspective, that of the writer, is a singular no matter what “voice” is intended—it is only from one, and one only, perspective, and cannot possible be understood by anyone but the author. And so that author struggles, rewrites, erases, discards. And the writer who realizes the words are weightless wastes no time aiming to write; they (words) stand on their own, once released from the author’s and they are the property of the earth.

Erased is a limited edition of 20 signed and numbered copies. The CDRs are tucked inside 9" x 12" envelopes with smeared misprintings (caused by printer feed error) of the supplemental text. The supplemental text, along with an insert about recording processes and track information, is tucked in a separate stamped envelope. The two books are bound with a pseudo obi band.
The cost is $25 ppd in the United States; for rest of world orders, please contact so I can calculate postage.