Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bibletron Studies 9 x 3" CDR set now available

Such back to back releases are going to be far from the norm for this label, but since a major goal was to debut the release September 19 at the Milwaukee Noise Fest, I figured, let's keep rolling.

NVP04: Bibletron Studies 9 x 3” CDR box (three discs each by The Kingston Family Singers, PCRV, and Vertonen)

Dan Schierl, Bibletron creator, in his own words: “I began building Bibletrons when my modular synth work was getting too complex. By limiting an entire electronic instrument to what could be crammed into a hollowed-out Gideon Bible, it ensured that the result would be extremely primitive--no room for knobs on pots, wires and components in plain view.

Before Dan went into production (a run of 20), he asked three artists for their feedback on the device--what worked, what was challenging--and to hear what they did with it.

Unsurprisingly, we three knew one another, and the idea was soon bounced to do a release that showcased the Bibletron’s capabilities. Each of us also included an insert that explains a bit about how we incorporated the Bibletron into our gear.

With sounds ranging from explosive noise to near silent crackles and hum to swimming percolating synth sounds, this collection of recordings represents both what we three artists do and the diverse possibilities of the Bibletron. 

I encourage you to explore more about the devices here:

The release is in an edition of 33 copies and is $22 ppd in the United States, with variable shipping costs incurred by those outside of the United States. Please contact me at vertonen (at) earthlink (dot) net for information.
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