Sunday, April 24, 2016

NVP 06.5. Eric Lunde: The Twin Earth Experiment (CDR, DVDR, book)

I am extremely pleased to co-release (with Eric’s atychima imprint) The Twin Earth Experiment, a document of / supplement to a lecture / performance Lunde did in November 2015 at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin (UW-M).
The CDR contains audio demonstrations of Lunde’s reduplicative / degenerative process performed for the class lecture, with a textual emphasis on Lunde’s “I am a Copy of a Copy of a Strange Loop.” The CDR also includes audio elements from the subsequent video performance at the Student Union Cinema.
The DVDR, contains the performative aspect of Lunde’s presentation: a live demonstration of the reduplicative / degenerative processes / copying processes that have informed Lunde’s work for more than 30 years, applying the process (with the help of Neil Gravander, an instructor at UW-M who performs under the name Lucky Bone) to a selection of the film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969), which circles around the discovery of a duplicate / mirrored Earth.
The 86 page booklet contains background information about the UW-M performance, commentary on Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, observations on quantum Darwinism (as applied to copying irregularities, and the nature of copying imperfections and accidents to create new evolutionary phases, concepts addressed in Lunde’s previous fiction and nonfiction books, Short Bursts of Light and The Accident of Purpose, respectively), theoretical applications of the brain functioning as a copy machine vis a vis the development of consciousness, and the text for a proposed performance, “A Game of Risk.”
The release is in an edition of 20 signed and numbered copies in a hand screened canvas bag, and the cost is $20 ppd in the United States; for rest of world orders, please contact so I can calculate postage.

Thank you,