Friday, April 3, 2015

ballast nvp 01: Vertonen--The Decay that Stays Behind Lingers Beyond

I am very pleased to announce the first release for ballast, Vertonen: The Decay that Stays Behind Lingers Beyond.

This release is in an edition of 45 copies and is composed of the following elements:

--33 RPM (mono) 7" lathe
--two CDRs
--one DVDR
--a 12 page booklet, "The Decay That Stays Behind Lingers Beyond"
--a collection of professional photographs of the main audio sources used for the recordings

In addition, the inside cover of the reel to reel box has a stepped encryption (for your deciphering attempts), the cover of the box features a linocut stamp by Eric Lunde, and the CDR and DVDR sleeves have all been hand screenprinted.

There also is a signed and numbered insert with information about the recordings that is tied together (with the outlined items above) with a black band.

The audio, in general, focuses on decay and permutation due to a) technological limitations (turntables, cassette player) b) technological modifications (record skips, tape cassette and player modification). Each CDR is approximately 40 minutes. The DVDR contains visuals done in collaboration with Eric Lunde and features my audio, ranging from cut up turntable collage to deep drones.

There will be no digital download release for this, or any other, ballast recordings.

The release is $44 ppd in the United States. Please contact me at vertonen (at) earthlink (dot) net before sending payment and/or if you are outside of the United States (so that I can calculate shipping to your location). Please note: the earthlink address is NOT my paypal address.

One final piece of information: due to an error at the CDR and DVDR duplication center, I received 35 extra copies of each disc. Therefore, for those for whom the price is prohibitive, I also have a sub-edition (of 35), nvp01-1, which consists of the following four items: the two CDRs and the DVDR (screened in a different color) and the 12 page booklet.  The inside cover of the booklet is stamped, signed, and numbered. These are $15 each ppd in the United States, with variable shipping costs incurred by those outside of the United States.

Thank you for your interest.


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