Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Recent Reviews of NVP09, 13, and 14

Frans de Waard had some kind words about the recent batch of ballast releases (Vertonen: stutterer 2CDR + book; Vertonen: No. 6 6 x 3” CDR and texts; Dead Edits: Three Degrees of Dead Edits 3 x 3” CDR and book).

The complete review can be read here, but below are some of my favorite excerpts:

stutterer: “I am most reminded of the earliest experiments by Esplendor Geometrico, at their most brutal noisiest rhythm, and probably their most minimal phase and least danceable.”

No. 6: “Vertonen took the iconic opening theme [of The Prisoner] as a source and created no less than six (but really, what other number should it have been?) 3 inch CDR releases, so that is close to 120 minutes of music. This sees the many musical interests of Vertonen spread out over these two hours. Much of it goes quite deep into the drone territory here, but not exclusively a fair bit of the material is rhythmic and noisy, and sometimes a combination of both. Of course at no point whatsoever I recognized the tune of 'The Prisoner', as such things go in these cases."

Three Degrees of Dead Edits 3 x 3”: “Brutal, noisy, lo-fi, and estranged...Dead Edits love to use and re-use spoken word,  tapping in on the lowest means possible and playing it back into the same space, and this ad infinitum. It works very well in this particular piece I think."

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